4estRobot ©

It is our fund manager robot.

It manages financial assets with no/minimal human intervention

Keeping the core philosophy of our company in mind, we as VeriZeka have developed what we call 4estRobot ©, in order to cater for buy-side spectrum of the finance industry, such as the fund managers, wealth managers and bank treasuries. The MVP of the 4estRobot © was completed in April 2016.

4estRobot© as the fund manager

And, since February 2018, our product is on the marketplace: Our AI product is now being utilized by some of leading asset managers in Turkey in their efforts to manage some of their hedge fund management mandates.

4estRobot© as the treasury officer

Besides, our own technology and state-of-the-art design is also currently installed in our own servers as well, connected to both the data providers on one side (data-end) and broker APIs on the other (the execution-end). Our technology acts as our Treasury of our company since 2017. In short, yes, we believe in robots and trust our robot 4estRobot © as our head of Treasury!

Capabilities of 4estRobot©

In such roles, 4estRobot © performs the following daily tasks with no human intervention:

  • Collecting, cleaning, reviewing and organising market data
  • Inferring associations, relations, and patterns from the financial time series
  • Making investment decisions
  • Entering the market and generating orders
  • Executing orders
  • Managing positions and optimising position sizes and weights
  • Reporting the execution, position and overall PL path
  • Adapting to, learning and gaining experience from earlier trades over the course
  • Doing all of this with little or no human intervention

In short, we have done our best to achieve a complete rationalization at most typical stages of the investment process in most money managers.


The potential market for this product is endless: As a start, we expect the hedge funds domiciled in Turkey (and are regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey) to begin utilizing our trading robot as decision maker and/or decision support mechanism in their operations by the beginning of 2018. (Visit Newsroom for further details and new developments)


Coming onto our future plans, the development of this robot is a life-learning journey, and we maintain our unabated R&D efforts. There is an immense and countless array of alternative paths of research on our quest, and the development areas for our robot (both from an analytics and coding perspective) is a never-ending process. Thus, we still allocate a significant portion of our resources to R&D, seeking to produce ever-better versions.